Thursday, September 8, 2016

Yeah, We Are Crazy Like That!

     Well what can I say, my wife and I just can't get enough joy out of having cute little dogs running around, so without further ado, meet Mekah.  She is an nine week old short haired red dapple dachshund, that so far has fit in perfectly.  We have slowly transitioned away from chihuahuas into dachshund lovers, we must just love sausage parties! (#)  Sorry I had to say it!

     How we came about getting another dog you ask, well this one, like them all, was all Mandy.  She trolls this website that has all kinds of stuff for sale, kind of like craigslist, but seems to be a big site for pets.  She came across this listing for Mekah and we both instantly fell in love with her and there was no way I could say no.  If you are wondering why we would buy a dog when there are so many great dogs that are in need of adoption, well when you are interested in a specific breed it is harder to find a one that way and believe me when the time is right we will have a rescue dog in our family.

     Mandy came up with the name from a short lived character of a little girl on the Walking Dead after we were re-watching all of the seasons on Netflix.  This will will be the first girl dog since Buffy our Cocker Spaniel we had when I was a little kid.  She is definitely a daddy's girl and is working overtime to wrap me around her little paw.

Now for the gratuitous cute puppy pictures.

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  1. That video of the two of them running around was so precious!!