Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jax Has Arrived

     Eight to ten weeks ago Mandy and I had been really talking a lot about getting another dog, why I don't know, we needed one like we needed another hole in the head.  We follow a ton of dogs and dog specific streams on Instagram of dachshunds and were just falling in love with all these puppies.  We, and when I say we I mean Mandy, started looking for new litters of puppies in the area and managed to find two.  We visited one and just weren't getting a good vibe or maybe we were just still unsure and we walked away.  Mandy called the next day and he was already gone, so we knew if we wanted one we would have to make an on the spot decision and live with it.

     We went to see another litter that wasn't ready to come home, but we found out that there was only one still available.  The minute we saw him we fell in love.  I am not much for a white dog, and maybe that is because I wear a lot of black, but the markings on this little guy were amazing.  We didn't hesitate to put down the deposit started counting the days till he came home.  


 We had about 8 weeks to weeks to wait and at week 4 we really wanted to see him again, so Mandy texted the owners and they were more than gracious enough to allow us to come over and visit.  By this time his eyes were open and all the puppies were moving around a lot more.

     Fast forward to a week ago and we brought our little Jax home.  We named him Jax because we wanted a cute name that sounded good with Jedi and Jax is the name of Mandy's favorite character on the show Sons of Anarchy.  Plus I got to name Jedi so it was only fair she got to name Jax.  He sleeps a lot, which is common for puppies and he has some trouble right now with separation anxiety, but we are working on it.  He is just so freaking adorable, and I can't wait till he grows up and I can start taking him for a run every now and then.  

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