Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Post Surgery Update # 9

     So what has been happening?  RUNNING that's what!  Since I was given the green light two weeks ago today things have felt really good.  Despite not doing the distances that I was doing, it felt just like old times getting out there and running again.  

     Last week began with a 3/4 mile run with my physical therapist to see if I was even ready, which by the time you finish this post you'll see that obviously I was.  She instructed me to run one mile each day for a total of five days, so I counted that run as day one.  I then proceeded to run Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday while I rested on Saturday and Tuesday.  Things went smooth with no issues, however I will say when it is still in the 30s when you go for your run, it really sucks getting all bundled up to run just one mile.

     Week two started great and finished on a down note.  Since things went well I was to proceed to two miles a day for five day, basically doubling my mileage from previous week.  I set up the same schedule as the previous week running Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  All three of those days went absolutely great!  I was feeling good, I had no pain and I thought nothing could stop me, then the weekend came.  My work has a huge three day event every year around this time and this was the week that it landed on.  In a normal day I probably split sitting and standing 50/50 or maybe 60/40, but during this event I am standing, walking and lifting product 98% of the time for three days straight.  Friday's run didn't seem to bother me at all and Saturday was a rest day, but Sunday the plan was to run before work and I was so tired from the previous two days that I decided I would sleep in and get my run done after work.  When after work came, I should have listened to my body and just skipped the run, but us stubborn runners can't do it so I went out anyway.  That evening after relaxing in the chair, my whole leg was stiff, aching and my knee was bothering me as well.  I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off completely from all running or workout activities and contact my PT.

     Alisha agreed I needed to rest myself from running, but I should do a modified workout on Tuesday.  She also recommended that today I should only attempt a one mile run as well.  After almost two whole days of rest, the modified workout felt pretty good and I was feeling pretty confident again.  Today's run went fine, nothing to write home about, but I got through the mile without any major pain or setbacks.  I reported back to Alisha and she is writing me up a schedule that will vary the days and distance of my runs.  With the Glass City and my Run-aversary right around the corner, I got to keep the momentum going.  


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