Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Post Surgery Update #6

     Today was a gut check day for me.  I don't want to go so far as to say I am discouraged, but one might feel that way after having to pump the breaks on therapy.  Today was my 2nd post surgery follow up with the surgeon and since it is so close to my PT's office I scheduled my therapy session so I could go to that right before hand.  

     Since my last therapy visit I have struggled with my workout, mostly because my muscles just were not up to the challenge.  I did to much to fast and my muscles paid the price, which forced me to take a day off from my workouts.  The shitty thing is I was on such a high thinking that once today came we would be on to jumping and then, you guessed it, running! 

     I got to Alisha's office this morning and told her how my week went, in a little more detail.  I could tell she was a little concerned, which was confirmed when she said "maybe we will wait a week or two before jumping."  She had me attempt one jump and immediately I felt pain, but not from my hip joint, from my muscle.  I have this one area of muscle, the upper inner thigh, that constantly feels weak no matter what exercises I have done.  To give you an idea, think if you were to lay on your back with your legs stretched out flat and then keeping your leg straight as you raise it, that will trigger this muscle area.  Well when I attempted the jump, it triggers this muscle and as soon as I took flight I was in pain.  It was that that confirmed to her that we need to postpone jumping.

     On the other side of the coin, she was very happy with how my double and single leg squats looked just a week later, however she could see that I was still favoring my left side just a little bit.  We talked about my routine and where we would go from here.  I told her that the exercises that I am doing were working well for everything but that one weak area.  She added two new exercises with an exercise ball which will really work that area.  I could totally feel it in just the few reps she had me attempt for practice.  The down side to all this is the fact that we are going to give my home workout routine two weeks before my next in office appointment.  The next step is jumping and if I can't jump yet there is no point for me to come to the office.

     As soon as we were done I jumped in the car and headed to my Dr.'s appointment.  The medical campus was packed and it took awhile to get a parking spot.  When I got inside I had to wait in a long line before I was told the Dr required another x-ray prior to my visit.  I headed downstairs to get that done, which thankfully didn't take to terribly long.  Once I was called to the exam room and the nurse took all my vitals and info, I had about a 10 minute wait before the doc came in with two other guys.  One was a med student just taking notes and the other was a white coat that seemed to be just tagging along for learning purposes.  The doc said my x-rays looked good and my range of motion is coming along.  He asked how I was feeling and if I had any pain and I told him everything that I spoke to earlier in this post.  He told me that I would have good days and weeks and bad days and weeks with aches and pains and it will just take time.  Time, always with the freaking time.  Sometimes I really hate time.



  1. Recovery - like weight loss or training - is never a straight line process. There will be forward progress and an occasional back slide but you will get there!