Sunday, January 3, 2016

Post Surgery Update #4

     It has been just over 4 weeks since my surgery, and to be honest I didn't think I would be where I am right now.  Things are moving along quite well and I am so happy for that.  At my last PT appointment, Alisha was quite happy with my progress in just one week.  She told me she was going to consult with my surgeon on my progress and my case to decide on a continued course of action.

     I worked hard on my exercises each day, getting in at minimum 2 sets each day.  Prior to my next appointment I got an email from Alisha stating she had spoken to the surgeon and had some good new for me.  Fast forward to Wednesday, I had to change my appointment time to 7:30 am due to my work schedule changing.  The good news was, do to the type of procedure I had and that my muscles have reacted so well to my rehab, I was ready to transition to a single crutch.  First we worked on the proper way to use a single crutch, which I was surprised that you use it on the opposite side from your bad leg.  I figured you would use it to give support to your bad leg, which you due, but to keep a normal walking stride you use it on the opposite side and put weight on it when you take a step with your bad leg.  After I got the hang of that, I climbed on the table so she could do a lot of stretching and manipulation of my leg.  We discussed my at home routine and how it was going to change for this week and next, yeah I don't have to come in next week.  If all things go well for the next two weeks, then we will discuss the transition to no crutches!!!

     Most of my home exercise routine has stayed the same, we just increased the number of reps per set, the number of sets or the time to hold a certain move.  I have been feeling really good lately with little amount of pain or the need of any pain meds.  I am still taking the prescription strength aleve type meds, but I have cut it down to two a day instead of three.  I truly think all the strength training I did with Alisha has been the huge key to what seems to be a faster than normal recover.    

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  1. Awesome, glad the recovery is going so well. You are kicking ass!