Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Injury, Just Before Marathon Training Begins

     I so want to be writing tonight on how my 10K at Kelleys Island went today, but I am not for two very different reasons.  The first and less important one is I had a really long day at work followed up by a long evening at Ohio Bike Week.  It was the last night for all the major festivities and the band Buckcherry was the evenings final entertainment.  When we got home around 11:30 the pups were wide awake so we stayed up to play with them and by the time we crawled in bed it was close to 1:30am.  Based on how tired I felt I decided I really didn't want to get up early and pay to go run 6.2 miles when I could sleep in and run 6.2 for free.  Well it was a good thing I made that decision because I would have had the worst race of my life and possibly a DNF if I had run. 

     So let me back track for a minute, on Wednesday I went out for my long run when I was about 4 miles in I started developing some pain in my upper outer thigh, just below my hip and the inside of my leg around my groin area.  The pain slowly got worse to the point I even stopped to stretch it out.  I finished the run and emailed Alisha, my PT about my pain.  She instructed me to ice and stretch and rest a couple of days, so I followed her instruction and even took one more days rest than she suggested.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and rested and decided to head out for a 6 mile run, which turned out to be a very bad and stubborn decision!  Two and three quarter miles in I felt a slight pain come back and by the time I hit mile three I needed to stop and stretch it out.

     Since this was an out and back run, I turned around and started a slow jog back thinking a super slow pace would help, but it really didn't.  At 3.5 miles I decided to shut it down and walk the rest of the way home.  It was the stubborn for me to think I could just go out a few days after an injury and just run six miles like nothing was wrong, but I did.  Needless to say I was quite disappointed and feeling pretty deflated.  Now you can see why I am glad I didn't head out to the race today.

     Now it would be easy for me to sit here and ramble on about how this sucks and am I ever going to return to some normalcy and injury free running, but I won't do that to you all.  I am going to speak with my PT and see where I go from here.

     Out of the darkness there is at least a little light to be positive about.  On Wednesday I had my first weigh-in in two or three weeks and I have been having success with my maintenance.  Weight has been holding steady just below my goal weight of 173 pounds.



  1. Oh Dean noooooo!!! I'm so sorry your having to deal with another injury! Does your PT have any thoughts as to what it could be? Hoping for an easy, quick fix to get you back running again.

  2. Great job on your maintenance! Sorry about the injury... hopefully it'll go away quickly!

  3. Oh, man, I know that has to be super disappointing about the injury! Just remember that it's better to take WEEKS to heal it now than MONTHS if you continue to run on it--we both learned that the hard way! ;) I really hope it's nothing major for you. My PT told me that the people who are most likely to get injured are the people who have been injured before... which means we have to be extra careful :( Great job on the weight maintenance!!