Monday, May 25, 2015

What To Say When You Have Nothing To Say?

     Well as the title states, I don't really know what to talk about at this point.  For the last couple of weeks, I just haven't felt like I have anything worth talking about and thought maybe I was a little burned out.  Lately I just haven't felt like myself and I feel like I am wondering aimlessly trying to figure out where I go from here.  It is weird not having a huge goal hanging over my head like I did with my weight loss and now with maintenance I just don't feel like I have a true goal to strive for and it is driving me nuts.  I feel like I have to have this huge epic goal, the game changing type goal, but I am unsure if I can't find one because I don't need one or because I just haven't figured it out yet. 

     While I struggle to find my bearings I also feel like work seems to be consuming more and more of my life in one way or another with us coming into our busiest time of the year.  Last week I was in Milwaukee for four days for work, and the experience was absolutely amazing.  I learned a lot in some of the areas of the business that my job doesn't have me work with on a regular basis.  Spending time at the world headquarters for Harley-Davidson was a dream come true for a guy who just 14 years ago was detailing bikes, mopping floors and cleaning toilets at a dealership just so I could say I work for Harley-Davidson.  While I was there I was also able to visit and get a private behind the scenes tour at the Harley Museum which was located just across the river from my hotel.  It was a truly once in a lifetime experience that reminded that not only do I work for an awesome company, but I do something I can say I truly enjoy.

     It wasn't all Harley-Davidson while I was there, I did manage to get some miles in and hang out with a truly inspiring human being.  The first day I ran around the Harley Museum and stayed in town running along the Hank Aaron Trail towards the Milwaukee Brewers stadium.  Day two I headed over to the park that runs along the shores of Lake Michigan.  I can't explain how nice it was with a stunning sunrise peaking out from behind the clouds.  That evening I met up with Rik Akey from the Fat to Finish Line documentary and the man that was the inspiration that fueled my belief that this weight loss journey was even possible.  He had a running club fun run going on that night, so I joined the group for a nice easy 4 mile run before we headed to a cool local restaurant called AJ Bombers, for a bite to eat.  It was great catching up and learning more about what fuels Rik's passion for helping and inspiring others.

     Since I still don't know what direction I am running in right now I'll just continue to put miles on my feet until things come into focus.     

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  1. When we were in Chicago for my son's basic training graduation for the Navy, we made sure to hop over to Milwaukee to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum. What an amazing place! Only served to strengthen my husbands love of all things Harley! Thank you for your great posts. I always look forward to reading them. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will land right where you are supposed to!