Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Weigh In At The Doctor's Office

     Well since Sunday I have managed to keep my head in the game this week with my food and my workouts.  I have had to make some minor adjustments but I have done everything in my plan except one yoga session.  I didn't have a big loss this week, but I am proud of myself for making the choice to get back on track.  
3/19/15 official weigh in
176 lbs
Total loss from heaviest:  141 lbs
Current BMI:  27.5 (overweight)

     Today was my long run, but before I got that taken care of I had my yearly doctor's appointment.  I new I was going to be asked to get some blood work done so fasting was on my menu last night.  I would like to say my appointment went great, but I got a little annoyed with my doctor's nurse.  She was doing the whole pre-consultation stuff, you know, blood pressure, pulse, height and finally weight.  She had me step on the scale, which read 182, as she was recording it, which she recorded as 192, she made mention of my weight from last year. She says you use to be 217 and that I was doing a good job now that I weighed in at 182. I responded and said thank you and that I use to weigh 317 a little over two years ago and the first words out of her mouth was "wow did you have gastric bypass surgery?".  Really?  Is that the world we live in now?  That is now the norm for weight loss in America.  Don't get me wrong, there is a place in this world for GB and those that do it have made that choice, but she seemed floored when I said no I did it all on my own.  WTF She acted like it was just crazy that someone could lose weight through hard work and dedication. 

     Again, if you are reading this and you have used lap band or gastric bypass for your weight loss, I understand your choice. God knows I have thought long and hard many times about heading down that path. Ultimately I decided that I was not the right person for that kind of sacrifice. It has taken me a long time to get the motivation to start what I did two years ago and I know it will take a lot to maintain this for years to come, but that is the path I have chosen.

     Lastly, I also picked up a copy of my lab work from 2012 that was the genesis for this journey.  I wanted to be able to compare today's blood work to where I was at back then.  I am hoping and assuming things will be good, but you never know these days.  I will keep you posted once I have the results.

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