Sunday, March 22, 2015

GCM Owens Corning Half Marathon Training week 6

     Wow what a difference a week can make when you put in the effort to really change your mindset.  This week's training went really well.  I got in all my runs, all my cross training and strength training, but I did end up skipping the yoga.  I just flat out ran out of time when I was getting home from work and hour or more late almost every night this week.  The biggest bright spot was how I did at the Wearin' the Green 7K; in short, I crushed the shit out of it.   My knee held up and my legs felt good and strong.  I'll be posting a race recap soon, but I will say I finished 24th overall and 4th in my age group!

Here is how my week broke down:

Monday: I had 6 miles at my half marathon race pace.  I finished with a per mile avg. of 8:44 and despite feeling a little tired at the end, I was quite happy with how the run went.

Tuesday: This was suppose to be cross train day, but I was really tired from yesterday so I decided to make today my rest day and do today's workouts tomorrow.

Wednesday: I got up early and headed to the gym to get my cross training and strength training done.  I decided to use the sit down version of the elliptical because I feel like I can get things moving faster and really get my heart rate up.  I had enough time to get all but one strength exercise done which I was able to get to after work.  Yoga ended up being a casualty in today's battle.

Thursday: Today was my day off and I had a lot to get to.  I had a doctor's appointment for my yearly check up and blood work.  I also had a appointment for my car in the late afternoon so I fit my long run in around 1:00 when it was a little warmer out.  My legs were tired from my strength training yesterday, but I managed to get through it.  

Friday: I had yoga and my 20 minute recovery run on tap.  I slept in and extra 20 minutes and then headed to the gym to run the track since it was still pretty cold out.  I could have fit in my yoga if I didn't sleep in, but I thought I could get to it after work.  I had to stay almost and hour and a half past my normal time at work so by the time I got home I had enough time to eat and go to bed.

Saturday: When I got up in the morning it was still pretty cold and I knew it was going to get into the 50s later in the day, so I chose to wait till after work to run.  I had a tempo run that I ended up not reading my plan correctly and shorted myself a little.  I was suppose to run a mile warm up then do 20 minutes at 9:15 pace followed by another mile for a cool down.  Well I did a half mile warm up, 20 minutes at pace and finished with a half mile cool down.

Sunday: Today's workout was to do hills and speed work, but I figured running a 7K at a fast pace would be just fine, plus I really wanted to get out and run a race event.  This was the first one since the marathon in October.  I also have strength training to get done as well, so I am gonna quit typing and get to it.

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  1. Good job Dean, can't wait to read the race report!