Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week One Training in Review

     Well training this week went well for me.  I was able to get in almost all of my workouts and for the most part my IT Band issues seemed to be non existent for me.  I am sure the weather has played a huge factor for everyone who is also training for The Glass City Marathon, the Owens Corning Half Marathon, Glass City 5K or the Glass City Marathon 5K.  The cold has been so brutal and has forced me to run on a treadmill more, which I hate,  but I am learning to like it.   

Sunday 2/8/15
     Today was a rest day from any training, but I still had my rehab stretches and strengthening exercises to do.

Monday 2/9/15
     Today's scheduled workout consisted of a 2 mile run at goal race pace and 20 minutes of cross training, as well as my rehab stretches and strengthening exercises.  The 2 mile run went really well this morning despite the cold and the light snow that fell over night.  I had no pain in my knee and not much stiffness to speak of, but I couldn't really tell you if what stiffness I had was do to my current knee issues or just the fact it was freaking cold out.  The only thing I really noticed was my thighs on both legs seemed to get tired after the first mile.  When I asked my physical therapist about this she stated that it was normal from me changing my gait because I am starting to use muscle in a way they weren't used previously.  After I finished the run I spent twenty minutes boxing with the heavy bag for my cross training and got my first set of stretches done.  After work I got through the rest of my rehab exercises.

Tuesday 2/10/15
     Today I had 30 minutes of cross training to do and 30 minutes of yoga.  I got up around 4:30am and headed to the YMCA and did the 30 on the elliptical.  I am not a huge fan of machines like this, but it wasn't as bad as I remember.  That may or may not be because the last time I was on an elliptical I was around 290 pounds and extremely out of shape.  Once I finished I got my rehab strengthening exercises done and headed home to get my stretches done and get ready for work.  Unfortunately I skipped the yoga, I was feeling tired and figured I can do it tomorrow.

Wednesday 2/11/15
     Well a perfectly good plan gets shot to hell because for work.  Because of the cold, my plan was to wake up and do my yoga early and get my 5 mile long run in when things warmed up a bit in the afternoon.  As a department manager I had to sacrifice my day off and head into work, but not before I went ahead and braved the cold and got my run in.
      The run went extremely well and I had zero pain till the last quarter mile.  I stuck to the road for all but the last quarter mile when I needed to hop on the bike trail.  It was mostly clear of snow, but was covered in very thick ice with deep ruts.  I couldn't hold the new running form that has been helping with my knee and I ended up getting a little light pain in that last quarter mile.  I figured if I didn't have the ice to run on I would have had a totally pain free run.
      By the time I got home from work I was way to tired to do anything else, so yoga got skipped again.

Thursday 2/12/15
     I ended up working a half day today which made it easier to get my workouts in today.  I had a 20 minute recovery run at an 11:00 pace which I did on the indoor track at the gym.  I got home and did my yoga, finally! 

Friday 2/13/14
     I had interval training on the schedule today and decided to run them on the indoor track at the gym.  My intervals were 30 seconds at 7:30-8:00 minute pace followed by 1 minute of 9:30-10:00 minute pace for a total of 16 times.  I jogged a couple of laps to warmup, followed by my dynamic stretching routine that my therapist prescribed for me.  I jogged a couple more laps and then hit the start button on the Garmin.  The Garmin made keeping track of my intervals, pace and cadence a breeze, so I could concentrate on my running form.  A 7:30 pace is nothing new for me, seeing as how my current 5K PR is a 7:13 per mile average, but when you have hardly run during the last three months you tend to lose some of your conditioning.  I wouldn't say it was difficult for me, but I would say it was easy either.  The important part right now for me is that I finished pain free and I was able to learn how to maintain 180 steps per minute while increasing and decreasing my pace.  

Saturday 2/14/15
     Happy Valentine's Day and a very Happy Birthday to my Sister!!!  I have a tempo run scheduled for today, but things are not looking good to get it in.  We are having blowing and drifting snow with almost whiteout conditions, and the gym is pretty much only open when I am at work or traveling to and from.  
     Yeah there was no way I was able to get in the run today safely.  I couldn't make the gym in time and it was so cold and windy out I just don't feel safe when I can just do it tomorrow.  So that is what I think I am going to do.  I am going to swap my rest day tomorrow for today and hit the treadmill at the gym on Sunday.


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