Friday, January 16, 2015

The Full or The Half? The Full. Wait, no The Half

     First let me start off this post with saying food poisoning really sucks.  Last night Mandy and I felt like going out to eat because nothing sounded good at home.  I won't bore you with the details, but I am surprised my insides didn't come out with all the throwing up I've done.  Needless to say I stayed home from work today, so I had some time to put this post together.
     I have been so torn this year with which race I was going to do as the Ambassador for the Glass City Marathon.  When I first found out I was going to be an Ambassador there was no way I wasn't going to do the full.  In 2013 I did the 5K and in 2014 I did the Owens Corning Half Marathon, so it only made sense for me to complete the trifecta by running the Glass City Marathon.  However, once I got the offer to have a reunion with my SoleMates team six days later at a half marathon in Indianapolis I thought it was best if to do the half as not to over do it and miss out on the reunion.

     Then some of the best laid plans get all screwed up.  Due to a work conflict that recently appeared I have to back out of the Indy race and lose out, not only on my registration fee, but spending time with my team and my shot of joining the Half Fanatics.  Because of all this, I once again said well Glass City Marathon it is.  I never once gave my lack of running due to injury a thought.  As I was writing my goals for 2015 I wrote that finishing the Glass City Marathon trifecta was on my list.  I also mentioned this to my Physical Therapist and I got "the look".  You know the, I don't think that is a good idea look, unfortunately she doesn't know my stubborn huge goal lifestyle I like to live. :)  She stressed her thoughts and concerns that I should stick with the half for now and told me we would talk about it more at my next visit on the 21st.

     As stubborn as I am I still feel like I could do the Marathon, even with a limited training window.  I don't expect a PR by any means, but I think I can do it.  Then I think rationally about it.  I realize that I am going through physical therapy because I can't run and I think running a marathon on short notice is a good idea.  Oh My God I am a nut job.

     So after all that, just to say this: I am officially saying I am proudly running the Owens Corning Half Marathon as one of 2015's race Ambassadors.  There I said it and I am committing to it.  The plan is to start my training for the race at the end of January or early February unless otherwise prescribed by my therapist.

     Good luck on your training to any and all of you that will be running one of this year's events at the Glass City Marathon.  I look forward to meeting and running with all of you!   

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  1. Good choice, Dean! I would hate for your injury to get worse. I'm still SO BUMMED you can't go to Indy :(