Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

   11/19/14 official weigh in
177 lbs
Change: 0 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 140 lbs
Current BMI: 27.7 (overweight)
Change: 0

     After a week with little to no running but as you can see I managed to maintain my weight for another week.  I think I was able to accomplish this with keeping a good eye on my calorie count each day.  On Saturday, Mandy and I did go out to dinner with a couple of our friends and I threw the calorie counter right out the window for that meal.  Cheese fries and breaded deep fried wings smothered in BBQ sauce just sounded to damn good to pass up.  Because I knew where we were going for dinner I managed to keep my calories in check throughout the day in anticipation of whats to come. 
     I did have a small victory today!  When my parents were in town for the marathon I was in dire need of a wardrobe makeover.  All my clothes were getting to big for me, including my underwear, lol, so they offered to buy me a few things.  When it came to jeans I was in 34s and they were starting to get to big on me so I tried on some 32s. They were a tight fit and I felt like I was busting out of them, but I could button them.  Even though they were to tight to wear out, they bought the 32s in anticipation of them eventually fitting.  Well today was that day! I tried them on and they were still just a little snug, but they fit pretty darn good.  The fact that I haven't really lost any weight, but fit into smaller jeans tells me that my new cross training interest might be working. 

     Lately I have been interested in building some muscle and getting stronger, but I don't want to go to the gym to do it.  I have been researching body weight exercises and have been trying some basic moves such as push ups, lunges, reverse crunches etc.  I found a real nice basic routine to do using playground equipment, but now that the cold has set in, I need to figure out another option.

     I came across a homemade contraption to use for dips, reverse push ups and other body weight exercises.  I picked up all the materials at Lowes today for around fifty bucks, which wasn't to terribly bad.  Here are a couple of pictures of one that someone else built that I am using for my inspiration.  When I get the whole thing done I post all the details on how it came together and how well it works.

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  1. That looks like a cool contraption! I need to work on my overall strength and my core but I don't want to do the standard weights in gym type deal, so maybe that would be a good option!