Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday weigh in

     I had a really busy day today.  I had to get up around 6 o'clock and take my jeep in to get a new bumper put on for some warranty work.  I didn't get my normal bathroom time in before I left so my weight was a little higher than it would have been.  Keep in mind that I'm not focusing on weight for the next couple of weeks until after the marathon.  So I headed over to the dealership to get my new bumper put on, which took a couple hours, and when they were done I wanted to try and find a shirt to wear for the marathon.  I don't know why am letting something as stupid as a shirt to wear stress me out, but I went to Kohl's then to Dick's Sporting Goods then to another Kohl's and finally Target and I couldn't find anything that I liked.  Actually I found a shirt at Target that I liked, but they did not have my size so I'm going to have to go online and see if I can order it. Anyway, by the time I got back I had about an hour to play with the dogs before I had to head out the door for my run. I had to leave the house so I could be back by 2 o'clock so I could get changed and take Jedi to his puppy check up at 3.  That was pretty much my day!!

10/1/14 official weigh in
183 lbs
Change: +3 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 134 lbs
Current BMI: 28.6 (overweight)
Change: +.4

     As for my run, I decided to do a half marathon in distance at race pace or slightly faster.  The weather wasn't to bad, mostly cloudy with temps in the low 60s with no wind.  I decided on a route where I would only have one overpass as a hill to mess with.  Once I was on the move I decided to change my route on the fly and do a nice long loop where I thought there wouldn't be any hills.  As it turns out running an area you're not 100% familiar with, you end up finding what you were trying to avoid in the first place.  Luckily they were just some small rolling hills nothing that aggravated my foot.
     I really don't get why my last few runs have felt this way, I know I was doing the pace that I wanted to do, but it felt like such a struggle to do it.  My breathing wasn't the issue, it was my legs.  They just seem to feel tight when I start and keep getting tighter as the miles progress.  It wasn't till I got to around mile six things started to loosen up a little bit and my time began to fall.  I managed to stay under 9 min miles for the remainder of the run. 
     As for my foot issue, I was a little hesitant to really push my pace, but as the run went on my foot felt good and I opened it up towards the end.  I did have a few small twinges of pain, nothing to really worry about, but overall I was happy and my foot did pretty well.  During my run I noticed I was a little tight in my outer and inner thigh muscles.  I think that may have also been a big reason why I felt so sluggish.  I need to concentrate the next couple weeks on getting some good stretching in to stay loose.  I think as I taper and reduce my mileage my legs might start to tighten up, so I'll bring out the foam roller the stick and hopefully Mandy to give me a little massage therapy. 

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  1. Yup, sounds like your legs are just suffering from some marathon training tiredness. I was having the exact same thing, everything just felt harder than it should (#), but thankfully once I started my taper my legs came right back and are charging up for Sunday now!