Sunday, October 26, 2014

1st Post Marathon Run, Whew!

     I have been going a little stir crazy not doing any running and I decided I couldn't wait any longer, I had to get out and get a couple of easy miles in.  Sunday I didn't have to be to work until eleven which was seemed to be a perfect situation.  My legs had finally felt like they had return to normal and I was able to sleep in a little later, which allowed me to get my run in after the sun had up.  I new I wasn't going to do anything to tough, but I thought I felt good enough to do 3 miles at an easy pace.  Well, I felt good enough to maybe walk 3 miles, but to run I truly found out how deep into your muscles a hard marathon run can go.  I don't think I was even a quarter mile in when my calf muscles started barking.  I kept my pace right around a 9:50 per mile, but looking back I think I should have maybe slowed it down or even added some walking breaks in there.  Once I hit the mile and a half mark and made the u-turn back home, the outside of my right knee started to bother me a little.  It was reminiscent of the pain I was having when my I.T. band was bothering me.  The pain was very faint so it really didn't cause me to much concern at this point.  My thigh muscles were not sore, but they did feel a little tired and if I had to make a self diagnosis, my tired thigh muscles is probably the cause of my I.T. band issues.  I would venture to guess it will subside with a little more rest and as I gain some strength back.  Once I got back to the house my calves had had enough.  When I finished the marathon my entire calf muscle was sore, this felt deep like the core of my muscle still hadn't quite healed up yet.  I gave them a good stretching along with the rest of the body before I dropped and did two sets of 30 push ups.
     I decided to give myself another two days off before I try again on Wednesday.  Tonight I'll see if I can con Mandy into giving them a nice massage.  I figure with more rest, a little ice therapy and some solid stretching Wednesday's run should be a little better. :)

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  1. Ha, that has been my experience with post-marathon runs too. Your legs feel like they are ready again but once you actually start running it's like "nope, not so fast!"