Wednesday, September 17, 2014

wednesday weigh in

     Finally, my schedule seems to be settling down a little and getting back to a normal routine.  Today was the first Wednesday that I have had off in at least a couple of weeks.  It is nice not having anything pressing to do today eitherI can finally just get my run in and kick back a little bit and enjoy the day.   

     I played with the puppy after my run so he is tuckered out and sleeping right now and the other two dogs followed suit so I've got a little free time to write this.  As you read last week, I am not concerning myself with my weight until after the marathon, but I am still going to monitor this situation.  As much as I don't care what the scale says, right now, I really don't want things getting to out of control.  Having said that, here is what my weigh in looked like this week.

9/17/14 Official Weigh In
181 lbs
Change: -2 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 136 lbs
Current BMI: 28.3 (overweight)
Change: -.3

     My running schedule is all kinds of jacked up this week due to some rearranging I had to make the last couple of weeks.  Normally my run today is my long run which usually is the longest mileage, but it also means I would be running it at 9:50-10:00 min per mile avg pace.  This week my Wednesday run is my longest mileage, but it is also wound being my race pace run for this week.    Now I am sure my regular readers have noticed I've been getting faster during this training cycle and that my original race goal was between 9:00 and 9:10 per mile  Lately I have been running slightly above race pace at 8:50-8:59 avg mile which, one, I think will better prepare me, and two, my body just naturally seems to wanna go faster.
     Today's run was 14 miles and it felt pretty darn good.  I did the same route I did for Saturday's 13 mile run, I just turned right instead of left towards the end to add that last mile.  The weather was really nice today, almost a perfect day to run.  It was a little chilly when I left so I wore a thin pair of gloves to keep the hands warm, but between my long sleeve tech shirt and the sun doing its thing, I warmed up pretty quickly.  By the end of the run it felt really comfortable out.  

     when I sat down to write this I uploaded my Garmin to see how my splits wereI was really happy with how close and steady they were.  With the exception of the last mile, where I pushed myself to have a strong finish, my slowest mile was an 8:57 and my fastest was an 8:51.  The other thing I liked about it was the fact that there was no big swings in pace.  Its not like one mile I ran an 8:51 and the next was a 8:57 or vice versa.  The whole run felt rather smooth while I was running it and it shows in the numbers.

     I would love to stay and chat, but I have some chores to do and get ready for a Fremont Elite Runners Club meeting tonight.  Also, here is a funny picture one of my Ragnar SoCal friends shared on Facebook.  I thought I would show it because it is a great tip for anyone who may have a circus in town. LOL


  1. Hey I found you through Runs for Cookies. I really enjoy hearing your updates and thoughts on weight loss and marathon training. I've done one 1/2 but I won't do another until I'm closer to my ideal weight or at least just overweight. Thinking of maybe the Detroit marathon 2015...

    1. Great to hear from you and thanks for taking the time for reading my blog. Keep up the hard work and maybe I'll run into you in Detroit next year