Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marathon training week 10 recap


     It was an insane week to say the least, but I managed to make it work.  Twenty mile long run, new puppy, work and a wedding, I sure as hell don't know how I fit in 41 miles but I did.

     Today's run had the best weather I have ever had for a long run, I couldn't ask for any better.  Mandy and a friend was heading to the local flea market so I gave her my route just in case she wanted to swing by and say hello.  When I got started I wasn't trying, but I was bookin it right off the bat.  I got to the end of mile one and looked at my pace, 9:37, and realized this was going to be a good run.  That is until I got another half mile in.  I was getting pain in my inner right thigh, I paused my watch and stopped to check what the problem was.  My compression shorts developed a hole and was causing a major chaffing issue.  Just as this was going on Mandy drove up.  I asked here to run home and get my body glide, so I continued on and she met me a little while later with the body glide.   The body glide helped tremendously, but when I got back home and took a shower, it was pain city.....
     Anyway, other than my early chaffing issue the rest of the run was nice and smooth.  I am not going to tell the minute by minute story of how we got our new puppy, Jedi, but while on the run, Mandy called me saying she was in love with a little puppy.  My response, keep in mind I am at mile 12 of 20, I said its up to you honey.  If you think its a good idea than bring him home.  I got home before she did, but when she did he was with her and I have to say I was in love when I saw him.

     I pulled my phone out and snapped one quick shot of my view, nothing spectacular but the clouds looked pretty cool.  My nutrition has not been a problem at all.  I did switch up from peanut butter Clif crunch bars to the chocolate chip ones, those seemed to be easier to get down with no issues and should be better if I am low on water.  I also wanted to show off my route.  When I saw it I thought it looked like a gun so I turned the map and sure enough....Bang!

     Obviously a rest day following a 20 miler and with a new puppy, sleep is at a premium.

     I woke up and my thighs still hurt from my long run so instead of an 8 mile easy run I switched some things around and decided to do just a 4 mile easy run.  I am glad I did because my thighs were burning by the end.  It was a full moon so visibility was going to be a lot better, or so I thought.  I did my usual out and back route on the bike trail and when I leave from my house the first quarter mile of the trail there are no trees.  With the full moon I could see low lying fog over the corn fields, but nothing on the trail, that is until I got to the trees.  After that first quarter mile, from that point on there is trees on at least one side of the trail and I am assuming that had a lot to do with why the fog was on the trail.  Once I hit the tree line it was thick fog and I wasn't able to see more than 5 feet in front of me. 

     On this run I really wanted to concentrate on keeping my pace very consistent.  I was shooting for a 9:30 mile and I ended up crushing my goal by being able to keep my pace between a 9:29 and a 9:31.  I was quite proud of myself and happy with how the run played out despite my legs still being so sore. 

     With my legs still sore from Monday and being tired from my lack of sleep I decided to float my run till tomorrow.  The legs are feeling better but I just don't want to risk it.

     Quite cool and dark out.  First run I have worn long sleeve shirt since spring time.  I did 2 miles out and 2 miles back on the bike trail again.  This time there was a pretty good head wind for my first two miles which kinda explains my pace.  In the first 100 yards of my run I came across another skunk, but this one was in the grass along the edge of the field instead of right on the path.  Despite it being a skunk, it was kinda cute because it started to run along with me for a couple of seconds till I passed him and left him in my dust. LOL  After that it was a nice steady run to the turnaround where at that point I had the wind at my back and was able to cruise on home.  When I got just to the end of my run, who did I see, that darn skunk again.  This time he was almost on the path so I gave him plenty of room and sped past him.  That's all I need is to get sprayed by one of those damn things.    When I saw my splits I could tell that the wind did affect my pace, however I liked that my first two miles were steady as well as my last two miles.  

     I had 4 miles on tap for today, but it wasn't going to happen, and here's why.  Thursday was a very busy day, I was up at 4:45 to run and spend time with the new puppy.  I was on the road to go to work by 7:45 and had a lot going on all day.  My work day finally came to a close a little after six then I headed across town to north Toledo to meet a couple buddies for a concert.  When the show let out at midnight I made my way home, which was almost an hour away, and of course the puppy woke up when I came in.  By the time I got the puppy tired and was able to crawl in bed it was almost 2am.  I was leaving work early so I could attend the rehearsal for my friends wedding so I though I could run before that.  Well the new pup had other plans, because all he wanted to do is play, which was fine because I could run after the rehearsal.
     The rehearsal ran a little longer than I thought and while I was on my way home I realized I didn't have anything to wear.  I made a pit stop to pick up a new pair of pants and a shirt.  By this time it was pretty late and I have 13 miles to do Saturday morning so I skipped the run and called it a day.

     Today's run was 13 miles at race pace and I set myself a goal to not let any mile drop slower than an 8:59 per mile.  It was a little cool out and with the wind blowing it was down right chilly.  Despite the chillier temps I did enjoy the run.  The route I planned for myself gave me a head wind for the a few miles.  I felt really good and got into a rhythm early.  During this run, all the right songs played and mentally I was just feeling this one.  My pace did bounce around a little, but overall the numbers look good and I was able to accomplish my goal.  When I got home, I had to rush around and eat so I could get ready for the wedding.  

Week 11 begins now

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  1. Wow, great week of training despite all the juggling you got a lot of miles in! Jedi is so cute!