Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wednesday Weight In

     Wooooo what a day.  Lots of running around today, pun intended.  We were getting Mandy a new car today and in addition to running nineteen miles I also had to drive an hour to north Toledo to sign some papers at the credit union then drive an hour back to get to the dealer in time to make my service appointment and sign some more papers for Mandy's Jeep.  I got my run in and made all my appointments and Mandy absolutely loves her new ride.

     As for the weigh in today, I feel like I am not making a progress on it.  I feel stuck in a yo-yo right now unable to break free of the up and down in the same spot.  While I am happy I am back on the way down I am just hoping I don't bounce and head back up again.
8/13/14 official weigh in
181.5 lbs
Change: -2.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 1135.5 lbs
Current BMI: 28.4 (overweight)

      This summer has been pretty nice weather for a lot of things especially running and today was no exception.  A very comfortable 60 degrees and low humidity, I couldn't have asked for a better morning to head out for my longest run yet.  Today is my last long run before I hit my first 20 miler.  Now that seems a little dramatic considering today was a 19 mile run and next week it is only one more mile.  
      My goal today was just to keep my pace under the 10 minute mark for every mile.  I headed out and for some reason I felt so good I couldn't get my pace to slow down.  I practically had to slow to a walk to get my pace to settle down.  Once I got past my first three miles I was able to get the my pace a little more to where I wanted it to be.  I was looking to keep it between 9:45 and 9:55 per mile even though my pace bounced around a little bit, I was very pleased with it.

     I went for a little change in scenery so I mapped out a route that would take me east for the major part of the run and then head back to familiar territory.  The reason I bring it up is because on this section of the bike path there was a lot of tree coverage and I have noticed when I am in these type of sections my gps gets a little funny and even though I don't feel like my pace is slowing, my pace on the watch always slows down.  That is when I hit the 9:50s for the first time, the other was when I had a 3 mile section of direct head wind.  The road I was running had tall corn on both sides and and it created a tunnel effect with the breeze and made a light wind quite a bit stronger.

     I had a slight change with my nutrition plan for my run today.  During my 17 mile long run I notice I was getting pretty hungry and the Clif chews were not enough so this time I added pair of Clif brand crunchy peanut butter granola bars.  I ate the first one at mile 8 and the second at mile 16.  It seemed to help, I didn't notice any hunger pains this time and I didn't have any GI issues either.  I am thinking one bar per hour would be good, so I will continue to test this and see how it goes.

     I can tell you this run really effected me today.  There was a certain point where I felt so perfect, you know, those times when you have that perfect song playing at just the right time and everything seems to be going just right.   I had this moment where all I could think about was how far I had come from that guy that just 2 years ago, at that very moment would have been sitting on his fat ass watching a movie and eating his life away with junk food.  I just started thinking about how far I have come and realizing that I am capable of extraordinary things.  No one can show you this or make you feel this, it is something only you can find when you look inside yourself and make the choice to change. 


  1. Awesome dude. Solid friggin' run. That is the long run pace that the 3:30 marathon group (my group) at the Portland Marathon Clinic runs.

  2. Great job on the run!! I have a feeling that running 26.2 is going to be a cakewalk for you ;) And you certainly HAVE come such a long way from a couple of years ago! (This is Katie, not sure if my name will show up. Hard to comment from my phone)