Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marathon Training Week 8 Recap


      This was a very busy week for me, and the fact that I was able to get in 30 of the 37 miles I was planning to run this week isn't to shabby.  Traveling to Nashville for work was fun, and seeing all the new product really got me pumped for another year.  

     We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland hotel and convention center where the show was being held.  The Gaylord is a gigantic facility and you have to do a lot of walking to get where you need to go.  I am not exaggerating when I say it is at least a solid mile from one end to the other.  I was lucky enough to get a room very close to the convention center and right where I wanted to be to get out for my morning runs.  I was quite proud of myself that I stuck to my guns and got both of my runs in, when I could of said I am to tired from all this walking.  To be honest though I never really got tired, not like I did when I was here for the show in 2007.  I was a lot heavier then and if I had to guess I was right around the 300 pound mark. 

     Monday night the show began with everyone gathering to hear what is coming for 2015, followed up with a welcome reception.  The next day was filled with a 6 mile run, ten hours of seminars and product reviews followed up with the my group heading to a local steak house for dinner. 

     The Next morning I was up again for my 12 mile long run, followed by another 10 hour day at the convention.   One of the highlights from today was getting to meet Willie G Davidson, the Godfather of the Modern Harley-Davidson.  His visions helped shape the company and the styling of the modern motorcycle movement.

     We then decided to head to downtown Nashville to check all the cool night life.  Nashville has some really cool bars and music clubs that always have some really good talent.  We had a horrible dinner experience at what was suppose to be a local favorite.  Bad service, cold food and the inability to cook blackened salmon in a timely manner was not what were looking for.  After our lack luster meal we headed to a local favorite, Wild Horse Saloon, for a few drinks.  After some time there we headed to Coyote Ugly to see what was going on.  It was busier that I thought it would be for a Wednesday night, I think a lot of that had to do with all the people in town for the convention, because I recognized a lot of them.  We called it a night around eleven because we all had an early day tomorrow.   I was done with all of my stuff at the show so I was planning on heading back in the morning.

     All in all it was a great trip and a great ride on the bike.  I wanted to share with you all a couple pictures.  The one from Coyote Ugly was when I was there in 2007.  The other was this year outside of the Wild Horse Saloon.  I look at photos like these and smile when I think about who I have become, but I also think why the hell did I think that was ok for so long.  It really doesn't matter, keep looking forward at where I'm going and not where I've been.

     I really had a lot to do today to get ready for my trip and to make matters worse I really wasn't into this run at all.  I had 8 miles on the schedule, but while I was out I just couldn't get into a groove and nothing seemed to be going right.  I had been having some chaffing issues and I forgot to use my Body Glide which made things worse and my pace was atrocious.  I wanted to be in the low 9:30s, that didn't happen, and my mile splits were all over the place.  I got to mile three and couldn't take it any more so I turned around destined to only do 6 this day.  After my run, I also had to mow the lawn, wash the bike, wash the dishes and pack the bike for my 8 hour ride down to Nashville.  At the end of the day, missing those last two miles actually helped me with time to finish everything else I needed to get done.  

     Today was my rest day from running, but I was traveling to Nashville for the Harley-Davidson dealer show.  I road my bike down which was fine but to stay in a mostly fixed position for almost 8 hours I can't say it was really a good rest day for my body.  However I did have perfect weather for the ride and was nice to put some miles on the bike.  

     I was up at 5am to get my 6 miles in and holy shit it was super humid even that early with the sun not even up yet.  I had pre planned my route using google maps, but once I got out and started running everything quickly changed.  One of the roads was really an entrance to the Opryland and was closed off.  I decided to take the long way round a local mall and headed toward the road that leads to the running path.  Turns out that road was really a private drive with a large iron gate.  I stopped and looked at the map on my phone, with this new information I quickly realized that there was no direct route to get to the bike path and so running in circles it is.  After retracing my steps a few times I ended up getting in my 6 miles and realized I would have to rethink my run for Wednesday.
      After my run I got ready and headed down to breakfast around 8am.  From that point on I was on my feet walking the show floor or from one seminar to another till after 6pm.  So far the show has been great and the food has been plentiful, but I am feeling pretty good about how I have handled my eating.

     Last night we went out for dinner following a long day at the convention and I was able to get back to my room around 9:30ish to relax.  I attempted to map out my long run which turned out to be another flop.  I had to get a little creative on the fly and retrace my steps to get in all 12 miles.  It was just slightly cooler this morning but man that humidity was brutal.  I headed out around the hotel campus first before heading to run around the mall parking lot.  I then took the long way around to the main road which headed down hill to a nice loop around the local campgrounds.  I was 3/4s of the way around the large loop when I started to realize I wasn't even close to 12 miles.  I ran up and down a couple of side streets and then headed back towards the mall.  I pretty much followed the same route back which when I reached the starting point I had about a half mile left to get in.  I cruised past my hotel entrance and then doubled back till my gps watch struck 12 miles.

     When I got back to the room every article of clothing I was wearing was just soaked with sweat.  I hoped in the shower, got dressed and headed down for breakfast.  I was so dehydrated from the run I drank almost an entire pitcher of water by myself.  I had another full day of walking the show floor and attending seminars.  Despite all that my legs didn't feel all that bad.

     My rest day would have been a little more relaxing if I didn't have 500 plus miles to ride my motorcycle home.  The weather was very cooperative for my entire ride.  I strolled into town around 3:15 and proceeded to unpack my stuff.  I ended up crashing on the couch waiting for Mandy to come home from work.  I was out like a light almost immediately. 

     Today was my scheduled tempo pace run and I would love to say yes I got it in,  but that wasn't the case.  I made the conscience decision to pass on the run and take a true rest day following that long ride yesterday.

     It was nice to finally run where the humidity wasn't so high, it made the low 70s feel a lot cooler.  6 miles at easy pace was my scheduled run and I found it a little tough to actually keep from going faster.  The extra day of rest really helped my body recover from all the time I spent on my feet.  The run was pretty routine and uneventful except when I was close to my turnaround on my out and back route.  I saw a pair of eyes glowing on each side of the road and as I got closer I realized they belonged to a couple of raccoons that decided to come out and say hi.  They waited till I was right next to them before they turned tail and ran back into the corn fields.  I kept my pace steady and right where I wanted it till mile 6 when I turned up the heat a little bit for a strong finish.  When I got back I did my stretches and 2 sets of 15 push ups. 

Week 9 begins now

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  1. Good job getting your runs in even while on the road. I love how you just went around and around in that one little area boxed in by the freeway... you were going to get it done no matter what!