Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     Hi everyone!  busy, busy, busy is my life this week.  Work has been so crazy for me this past week and its only going to get busier for me once August gets here.  I had to pack a lot into today, which left me with no time to relax and even less time to write this up, but I here I am typing away!  Lets get the reason for today's post out of the way.  Saturday, Mandy took me out to my favorite pig out restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, for my Birthday and the cookie shop for desert.  Other than that I did really well all week sticking to my calorie count.  The only day I go over the 2000 calories is Wednesdays when I do my long run, so I figured a would see a smaller number on the scale from last week.

7/16/14 official weigh in
186 lbs
Change: -1.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 131 lbs
Current BMI: 29.1 (overweight)
Change: -.2

     The important part of my day was getting to my sister's on time to pick her up and drive her to the Detroit airport.  She is flying down to Georgia to help my Mom take care of my Dad after his knee surgery that is coming up.  I know a knee surgery isn't as risky a surgery as say a heart surgery, but any prayers that it all goes well would be appreciated.  I had to be at my sister's by 11:30 so I got up around 7am to head out on my 13 mile long.  I ate a Clif brand crunchy granola bar for breakfast, loaded up my Camelpak and headed out.  We have had a cold spell come through this week so it was really nice out, mid 50's with minimal clouds and a light breeze, perfect running weather.  When I started I really didn't want to be out there at that point, I wanted to still be in bed sleeping, but I had to make my available time work for me.  Once I got a couple miles in I felt much better and was feeling pretty good.  My pace felt really good and I kept it pretty consistent throughout.  At miles 6 and 7 I switched from my music to a podcast and you can tell that it affected my pace, as I dropped into the low 10s.  When my podcast was over I threw the music back on and my pace came right back.  I finished strong and felt great.       

     Once I got back I got my post long run meal cooking and I hopped in the shower.  I had 45mins to shower, get dressed, cook and eat my food.  I cut up some pre cooked chicken breast that Mandy had made up for me the other day, mixed that with some Prego traditional spaghetti sauce and laid that on top of a bed of thin spaghetti pasta.  Unfortunately, I had to hoover that down and get headed out the door.
     Fast forward a couple of hours, I got home and quick changed and got started on my next project, painting one of the bedrooms.  I had enough time to get the ceiling trim and the ceiling painted before I had to make dinner and head to my Fremont Elite Runners Club meeting.  While I was there, my friend April gave me a new Bondi Band with the Fremont Inland Trail Turtles running group logo on it.  They are a run/walk group for the runner/walker who is just starting out, recovering from injury or just likes to run at a slower pace.  I defiantly fit that description with my whole knee/IT band issues I had.  The group gets its name from the name of the paved bike path that runs through Fremont called the North Coast Inland Bike Trail.  I am sure you can figure out why the turtle is their mascot. Thanks April !!


  1. "Dropped to the low 10s" ... I can't wait until I can say that too and I'm uber-impressed at how fast you are getting - that is a half marathon you ran as a training run.
    I've been spending my days painting as well - and trying to fit in "life" in between. It's hard work, on top of running!

  2. You are a beast Dean! Not only in your running, but your continual progress on the scale. It's impressive how the pounds keep dropping off!