Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marathon Training Week 3 Recap


     Another week is in the books and for the most part it was a good week.  I had a little trouble with my eating habits on Friday night, new shoes and breaking new ground with my long run.  I'll let you read about below.  

     I am surprised I was even able to walk let alone run and run as good as I did.  For those that regularly read my blog you know I have been doing some remodeling work in one of our bedrooms and I spent a solid 4 hours Saturday evening after being on my feet at work all day working on it.  Climbing ladders and stepping up onto a platform over and over really worked over my legs.  I was going to just skip it, but I though this may be the best way to simulate when I am in the last few miles of the marathon and my legs are tired and sore.  It wasn't extremely hot out but the humidity was pretty bad and I wished I had taken some water with me, but like a dumb ass I didn't.  Once I got started I felt pretty good at the slower pace but I was sure once I hit my race pace I wasn't going to be able to hold it for long.  Well I was wrong again!  I gotta stop doubting myself and know that I can push through it when needed.  I managed a nice consistent pace right in the middle of my 10 second range.  When I hit mile five I was starting to get a little thirsty and the slower pace for my cool down was a welcome addition. 

     I started taking some ibuprofen to help with the sore muscles and stayed away from finishing up the little miscellaneous stuff in the bedroom so I could give the legs a rest.  I did do a few light stretches but nothing major, I just wanted to try and stay loose.  

     Today was an easy pace run that I did an out and back on the paved bike trail.  I had to stop once shortly into my run for an equipment adjustment ;) and I had to stop a second time to keep from becoming a hood ornament when I came to a road crossing.  This morning run I had a lot of company on the trail with me.  There were quite a few bats flying above me and many were swooping down to catch bugs flying in front of me.  They weren't bothering me at all, but I had this fear that one was gonna dive bomb me or fly right into my face.  Lucky no excitement though and I was able to finish with out any animal attacks.

     Today's long run went pretty well despite the start.  I mentally was not prepared to go out for that long, cuz I just wanted to quite after three miles.  The temp was in the low 70s with cloudy overcast skies, but the humidity and dew point were up there because it had rained all night.  Like I said I just wasn't feeling a long run today, short run, ok I could grind it out but man 15 miles what was I thinking.  I got to the half way point and my mental funk finally quit and I was starting to enjoy the run.  The humidity dropped and combine that with the light breeze, it was starting to keep me pretty cool.  I had finished mile ten and the urge to water the grass had come over me and there just happened to be a perfect spot for me to go.  I didn't shut my Garmin off when I stopped so mile eleven looks a little out of place, but I was able to push back and get the best time possible out of it.  After that I bounced back and had a nice steady pace for the final miles.  At roughly mile twelve it started to rain very lightly but quite steady.  It sure did feel pretty good and made those last couple miles feel so much better than the first few that started my run.  Previously 14 miles was my longest run to date so today I broke new ground, and despite how I felt when I started I was very happy with how I finished!

     I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be after my run yesterday.  My legs are a little stiff and a little sore but nothing really that bad.  I got my new shoes in today, New Balance 1080v4, I wore them at work all day today to break them in a little.  Lately I have been running in the 1080v3, but New Balance no longer makes them, but they did come out with the v4s to replace them.  I plan on giving them a try on Saturday, its a shorter easy run so should make for a good test run after spending today and tomorrow in walking around work in them.

     As the miles start to increase on these weekday runs I have to get up earlier and earlier to fit them in and still have time to get ready for work in the morning.  It was a little chilly this morning, but once I got started the cool air felt good.  Today was my 10K tempo run pace, mix that with the cool air and man I was off to a good start.  My pace held steady really well today despite my legs feeling like I was wearing cement shoes the last 2 miles.  Not really sure why the legs felt so tired those last two, but some how I was able to make it work and stay steady with my pace.
 I wore my new shoes to work again today to continue breaking them in.  So far they feel good but week will see after the run tomorrow.

     Last night Mandy and I headed to a local restaurant for bike night and to get some dinner.  I have a hard time finding something to eat there that isn't "bad" for me, but its one of our favorite places to eat so I pretty much just say fuck it and eat want I want.  Well last night was no exception. I really ended up saying fuck it, because I ended up eating my own plate of nachos and a full plate of some large breaded bbq wings and man were they good :)
     Humidity was up again but with the sun not up yet it wasn't to bad.  I wore my new shoes for this easy 4 mile run.  I wanted to see how they feel compaired to the v3 and after the first go round I was happy with them.  I want to hit a few more miles before I make my final decision on if I need to look elsewhere, God I hope not. 

Week 4 begins now

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  1. Awesome job! I love how determined you seem to be!

  2. Solid week of training! Hope those new shoes work out for you!