Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     Well another week has past and another trip to the scale to see where in this journey I am at.  My weight loss has slowed down the past few weeks for a variety of reasons.  Dealing with an injury and sidelining me from running for three weeks was a big contributor and my eating habits lately has been the other.  It is summer time so grilling out and eating out have increased over my normal routine, and this week was no exception.  Mandy's Father is in town visiting so we have been enjoying summer with grilled steak, Mandy's famous potatoes, a trip to a really good Mexican restaurant and today the world famous Tony Packo's.  I have been able to slowly increase my running mileage which has helped counteract the effects of what I have been putting in my pie hole.  Don't take this as complaining because I am the one choosing what and how much I eat, and the fact I still lost a half pound is fine with me.  All this means is it is taking me a little longer to get to my goal.  With marathon training starting up I am hoping all the miles I will rack up and if I am able to control my food intake I should be right back on track in no time.  

6/25/14 official weigh in
188 lbs
Change: -.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 129 lbs
Current BMI: 29.4 (overweight)
Change: -.1

     Today's long run went great and I finally feel like I am back to my old self again.  I can tell I still need a few more miles to feel completely back to where I was, but today was great.  This was the first time I have gone past the 6 mile mark in weeks and my knee did not disappoint.  My father-in-law wanted to go out with me, but only wanted to do 4 miles so he ran the first 2 with me and then turned around and headed back as I kept on going.  It was pretty humid but with the overcast skies and a light breeze it was still bearable.  Looking at my pace breakdown, I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do.  I started off nice and slow; slowly building my pace each mile feeling good and strong all the way through, just in time for the start of marathon training!


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  1. I love your route. I think even I could manage not to get lost. :P Glad to hear the knee is feeling good!