Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     I am sitting here typing this from the parking lot of the Palace of Auburn Hills (just north of Detroit), and why am I writing this from the parking lot, well that's because my wife and her friends are inside the arena watching Bruno Mars perform. I told Mandy I would drive them up here so they could enjoy themselves and not have to deal with the traffic, so I brought my computer and kicked my feet up and started typing.  I won't be able to post this till tomorrow, because I won't be getting home till probably 1am and I have no internet right now, so enjoy Wednesday Weigh In on Thursday!
     This week was not to bad for me when it comes to my calorie intake, but not every day was a good day. Sunday Mandy wanted to go for a bike ride and we both wanted to get something to eat. I really don't know why but I was really craving pizza so I decided we would try this small place in Marblehead, Bruno's Pizzeria . I have to say it was pretty damn good. Traditional hand tossed pizza with plenty of toppings available to choose from; all the ingredients tasted fresh and they had excellent fast service as well. We will defiantly be going back the next time I need a a pizza fix.
     Having said all that, I didn't have a big loss this week but another pound lost is a plus for me. What will be interesting to me is how my marathon training will effect my weight loss. I have read that some people actually gain weight while training. I wonder if it is because they are running so many miles that they think I can eat whatever I want or they are building muscle and getting stronger which contributes to the weight gain. I will just take it one day at a time and one week at a time, and keep an eye on my calorie intake and make adjustments as needed. For this past week anyway, here are the numbers...

6/18/14 official weigh in
188.5 lbs
Change: -1 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 128.5 lbs
Current BMI: 29.5 (overweight)
Change: -.1
     Today’s long run was extremely short in comparison to what I will be doing here soon, but I am still building myself up slowly from my knee issue I have been having.  I am happy to say today I had no pain whatsoever.  I kept my avg. pace around a 10 min mile and this time did everything I could to run relaxed and not focus my attention on my knee waiting for the pain to kick in.  The weather wasn’t too bad; it was mostly overcast with a light breeze and a temp in the low 80s, and the humidity was defiantly noticeable but not horrible.  Next week is my last “rehab” week before I start my marathon training so I have been trying to ramp up my miles and my pace a little bit so I will be ready to go.
Well I better pack it up, the concert should be over soon and I have a long rainy drive back home! 

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  1. I definitely gained a few pounds marathon training. And I don't think it's the training itself, but the fact that in your mind you are marathon training so you can eat whatever you want. Not true! I think you'll be fine because you are being pretty careful already so you probably won't fall into this trap. You definitely can eat more though, so don't starve yourself!