Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     Sorry but this will be a very short post tonight, I just ran out of time to write today.  Things were much better this week and the scale showed it too.

6/4/14 official weigh in
191 lbs
Change: -1.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 126 lbs
Current BMI: 29.9 (overweight)

  The rain came in today around noon so we ended up not taking the bike this morning and I ended up trying another run instead.  I picked up the pace a little bit, around 10:30 per mile avg. and increased my mileage to three this time.  I made it through the entire run pain free so I am quite happy with my progress.  I plan on another try on Friday but I will back it down again to two miles, I don't want to push it.

     Since the rain came in and ruined our plans we hit an early movie, X-men, did some shopping and went out to dinner for our anniversary.  Our 10 year anniversary technically is tomorrow but since we were both off today we started to celebrate it today.  Tomorrow will be a big day, we are marking our 10 year wedding anniversary with a tattoo, but not just any tattoo, one that we are going to tattoo on each other.  Yes you heard that right, Mandy and I are going to tattoo each other.  Nothing big or complex but I am sure it will be fun.  Don't worry I will take plenty of pictures.

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  1. Great job on the weight loss and so happy you were able to do three miles without pain. Wohoo!