Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In - Tough Week

     Well it has been one tough week riding this roller coaster we call life, so I am just gonna get this out of the way.

5/28/14 official weigh in
192.5 lbs
Change: +3 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 124.5 lbs
Current BMI: 30.1 (obese)
     To be honest with you I am not really that surprised by this mornings outcome.  When I look back at the week it is filled with eating out several times, going over my calorie limits several times, and of course the lack of physical activity. Since I won't be doing anything physical this week I guess I will have to cut my calories back a little bit to help compensate, while trying to keep my spirits up that this is only a temporary set back.  It is so hard not to think that this slide will snowball its way into a full blown land slide.  I have worked so hard and put in a lot of effort to change my life, but it is still in such a fragile state and sometimes it really scares me.

     My wife and my Mom have asked me several times how my knee is doing, but it really is a hard question to answer.  I have had a couple of twinges of pain while moving around, but for the most part I only really had pain while running, so until I attempt that again I really have no idea.  It is so tough not to go for a run, I get the urge to go and I have to fight it and say no I need my rest, but after today's weigh in just makes that reasoning harder and harder to deal with.

       I have also been asking myself if my desire to push myself is the reason behind this injury or is it just a fluke.  Obviously it is only natural that my speed and times would improve as I lost the weight, but was I pushing myself to fast to soon.  Sometimes I think I lost focus on the real reason why I started running in the first place and for that is why I am now sitting here typing away instead of doing my long run for the week.  When I first started running I wasn't thinking to myself I need to work hard so I can get a sub 2 half or a sub 4 full marathon, all I was thinking about is going just a little further each day so I could burn a few more calories.  I think maybe I need to place getting to my goal weight back to the top of my priority list before I worry about how fast I can run my marathon.  Don't get me wrong I still plan on doing the marathon, but staying healthy enough to keep running so I can reach my weight goal needs to be my primary focus.  



  1. Hang in there Dean! Sometimes it's hard to go back to the basics but I am a person who believes your body will do the talking and let you know when too much too soon is a bit much. Congrats on coming this far. Tomorrow is a new day my friend.

  2. Dean, I have total faith in you. Everybody has ups and downs and you are so determined I just know next week will turn things around!