Saturday, May 24, 2014

caution whining ahead!

     I want to preface this by saying I have changed my tune since writing this earlier.  After I wrote this I couldn't think of a title so I left it till I got home from work to create one and publish it.  In that time I came to the realization that all I was really doing was whining about my stupid situation, and that I am sure their are millions of people out there that are so much more worse off than I and would beg to be in my situation.  There are people that right now are being told they will never walk again, little lone run and I am bitching about a sore knee.  Yes I am still bummed but I am determined to not let this little set back ruin all my hard work up to this point.  So with that said feel free to read below but just remember:


     At this point I am not sure if I should change the name of my blog, I mean I can’t call it running in the fat lane if I’m not running right?  Of course I am just being facetious because I am dealing with this F-ing injury.  I feel like I was on such a roll with my running and weight loss that if I am forced to stop now, all may be lost.  I haven’t had a professional look at it yet, but after some research online it would appear that I have an IT Band issue.

     My wife has been wonderful with trying to keep my spirits up and telling me the sky isn’t falling and I have come so far that I won’t revert back to my old ways, but truly it is tough.  From all the suggestions and support from my Facebook community the most important things I need to do is stretch and rest; rest being the key to this injury and also the hardest piece of advice to follow.  Every day I am not running is one day less I have to prepare for my first marathon. 

    Now, I am overly in tune with my body and I am questioning every little tweak, twinge and ache that I feel.  To add to my misery we have been rearranging some of the furniture in the house to make room for the new hutch my wife got and last night I felt a little pain in the other knee, which has really depressed me.  Now I have issues with both legs, WTF!  I just can’t believe it, two weeks ago I felt great and now I feel like my whole body is over worked and deteriorating.  Really the only thing I can think of is I was way to aggressive with my strength training to early while keeping my running intensity up and all that contributed to it.

     So, my plan going forward that I have told myself, but need to convince myself to do is a full week off from everything, running and my strength workout plans, a total body rest to get things back to an even keel.  After that I am going to head to the gym a couple of times and hit the sit down version of the elliptical and/or the stationary bike, all low impact stuff.  I will spend this rest time doing a little more research on a proper daily stretching plan and a runner specific strength training program that I will very slowly incorporate.  The week of Monday June 2nd I will hit the gym for some low impact stuff and I won’t attempt a run of any kind until Monday June 9th.  If things do not feel any better or seem to be worse I will then make an effort to seek professional medical help.

     Now for the good news, I got an email from the head race ambassador for my local marathon, The Glass City Marathon.  She was asking me a few questions and if I had any intentions of running it next year, and I told her I plan to run the event next year, but I haven’t decided if I will be doing the full or the half.  I have to see how Columbus goes before I make that decision.  The main reason why she contacted me is because she is looking for others to also be race ambassadors.  I told her I would be very interested in helping to grow my local race.  She said she would get back with me, so we will see!

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  1. I can sympathize with how you feel, that must be super frustrating. You have the right plan in place though and still have lots of time before the marathon, so hang in there!