Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     Wow is it Wednesday already!  I really wasn't looking forward to this one, because of running less mileage for my taper, all the experimenting I was doing with carbo loading before the race and how I celebrated after.  My breakfast and lunch routines didn't hardly change at all, but dinner is where the carbs took over.  I was eating home cooked BBQ chicken with brown rice or spaghetti with meat sauce, from the jar, and oven baked chicken my wife made.  I don't really know for sure if it made any difference in my performance on Sunday but hey it couldn't hurt.  Now my post race eating that is a different story, and by all means I am not complaining because I rarely go all out anymore and it was REALLY GOOD!!  Fried fish, hot roast beef sandwiches, cheesy potatoes and chocolate chip cookie with frosting, needless to say I was in a food coma!
     Monday morning it was right back to the routine with the nutrition, but the running was on hold for Monday and Tuesday due to some sore legs.  When I got up this morning I told myself I would not be disappointed no matter what the outcome.  The scale was pretty damn nice to me today when I looked down to see 195.2 on it.  So my official numbers are as follows:     
 4/30/14 official weigh in
195 lbs
Change: +.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 122 lbs
Current BMI: 30.5 (obese)
Change: +.1
      The rest of this week's running schedule is pretty relaxed with 4 miles today and another 4 miles on Friday.  The month of May is my pre-marathon training period, where my goal is just to maintain the nice base I have built up to this point.  I am working on and obsessing over my marathon training plan which I will share once I get it all nailed down. 

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  1. I like your attitude. Those little fluctuations are inevitable once in a while. That post-race celebration sounds like it was worth it! Haha