Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday weigh in

     Hello Everyone and welcome to another edition of Wednesday Weigh In!  This week we finally had a string of nice spring like days with plenty of sunshine and temps in the upper 60s, the grill came out and couple that with an Easter dinner, means I completely broke from my usual routine.  Mandy gave me the choice of steaks or something else to grill.  Now I am not one to turn down steaks but for some reason I was craving BBQ chicken, and I figured the chicken was the "healthier" choice too.
Two different nights this week my plate had BBQ chicken and brown rice with a little sea salt, pepper and smart balance butter spread.
     One issue I had this week was I felt like snacking on everything in sight.  I did stay away from sweets and  I wouldn't say I was binging, but for example when we were at our friends house sitting around talking, they had chips and popcorn laid out and I would occasionally pick at what was in front of me.  Never losing control and eating handfuls just a slow constant grazing.  That seemed to be the theme all week, and to top it all off I am in my taper for my half marathon this weekend so I am running a lot less than normal so needless to say I didn't expect this weigh in to go well.  The scale showed me 194.6 and I was plenty good with that considering how my week had went.
 4/23/14 official weigh in
194.5 lbs
Change: -.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 122.5 lbs
Current BMI: 30.4
Change: -.1
 Today is also my last "long run" for my half this weekend.  We did have a cold front come through yesterday so the temps have dropped a little bit.  I decided to wait a little while before heading out for my 6 mile run.  Once the sun came out, the temp jumped up and around 1:30 I headed out.
     Other than a very light 2 mile jog on Friday, this was my last real run before the race.  I really pushed the pace this time on my "hilly" course while also giving the shot bloks one more try just to be sure they will work for me.  The run went extremely well, I kept my pass fast never dropping below a 9 minute mile.  The shot bloks gave me no issues again so I think I am ready to go.  Here is my pace/elevation chart and my splits showing pretty much what I felt during my run.  I started out fast, slowed down a little towards the middle dealing with the hills and my pace quickened on the home stretch.
     Before I left I got everything ready for my post run meal, which I decided would be spaghetti.  I had some pre-cooked chicken that Mandy made the other day so I cut some of that up and mixed it in sauce.  I had everything ready to go in the pots so all I would have to do is turn on the burners when I got back.  I was pretty impressed with how it came out considering I bought the cheap store brand pasta and store bought pasta sauce, I think Mandy's chicken is what really took it over the top!
The only thing I would change is I wish I had a whole wheat bread instead of the white bread but I am not complaining.


  1. You are going to do AWESOME at the half-marathon on Sunday! I just wish I could be at the finish line. Text me when you finish? I can't wait to hear!

  2. Yum, both meals look super good. I've found my favorite pasta sauce is the Hunt's brand... it comes in a giant aluminum can (even the store brand doesn't came in a can). It's really good though and only 99 cents per can compared to at least $2 for any other sauce. I found the best flavor is garlic and onion, and then I also press about five cloves of fresh garlic in there when I'm making the sauce. It's SOO good! Two cans of that (extra saucy!), a box of pasta, and some seasoned ground turkey is really good. Makes about four meals for $8.

    1. thanks for the tip Thomas, I will give it a try

  3. Dean you are doing great! You are going be so awesome at your race. I mean look at your pace man, you are freaking fast! Cannot wait to hear all about your race experience. I will be cheering you on from VA.

  4. Those snacky days are really hard. I hope you have fun during your half marathon on Sunday. You've put in a lot of hard work, and you're going to be great! Can't wait to hear how it went.