Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

It has only taken a week but I am finally back to a regular routine with sleeping and eating.  It was nice that I was able to just fall right back into my diet like I had never left.  I tell you the old me would have been in big trouble if I gave myself a hall pass for a week.
     I have come to the realization that even though this will always be a constant struggle for me, I have gotten over the hump of losing self control, at least for now.  I am constantly tracking every little item I eat or drink on the My Net Diary app on my phone and while I was gone I didn't use it once. Even though I did eat "poorly" with the fried fish and the giant Voodoo Doughnut and what not,  I was excited that I didn't just say screw it and go nuts like I use to.  I bring this up because this is a first for me.  Every other "diet" I have done when an opportunity such as this would come up I would revert to my old ways by the time I got back and wasn't able to recover.  I almost feel like my running has a lot to do with it.  I use running to help take the weight of and when I get to my goal I will use it to maintain the weight.  As much as I enjoy running, man it is a lot of f-ing work and the last thing I wanna do is waste my time running all those miles for nothing.
     My body seems to have also responded well to my regular routine, I was pleasantly surprised to what the scale had to say to me this morning.  So without any more delay the reason for today's posting.
 4/16/14 official weigh in
195 lbs
Change: -3.5 lbs
Total loss from heaviest: 122 lbs
Current BMI: 30.5
Change: -.5
      Today I had my last long run before my taper for my Half Marathon during the Glass City Marathon.  I waited to head out till 1pm due to the cold weather we are having again.  It almost reached 40 degrees when I hit the road which wasn't to bad since it was around 19 when I got up.  There was a hardly any wind, which was a nice change, but I say hardly because I ran a 6 mile loop course and miles 5-7 and 10-12 the wind seemed to pick up and gave me a nice little head wind.  I like this course because it keeps me fairly close to home and has a few hills to give me a little resistance.  At mile 2 I passed a house that I could hear 2 dogs barking and when I looked to my left they both came running from behind the house full speed at me.  I was running on the road and kept my eye on them, well one of them came to a stop and just barked at me while the other kept on coming.  As he got closer he appeared to be a pit bull mix, which is fine but it put me a little more on high alert than say if it was a chihuahua or something, but I couldn't be sure.  Now at this point I was just past the property and he was now coming up on my 7 o'clock.  He came all the way into the street so I turned to face him and tried to keep moving away.  He barked and growled then lunged at my feet and appeared to attempt to bite my ankle.  I gave him my loudest angry yell to back off, which did the trick, because he began to whimper and then turned and ran.  I kept moving and kept my eye behind me till I turned the corner.  No harm, no foul but it sure got the blood pumping.  The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, even when I passed the same house a second time.  Yes I was an idiot and ran by the house again, but I wasn't gonna let a dog dictate a change in my route that I had all planned out.
     My pace was a little all over the place as you can see from my splits.  The graph shows you my pace (green) vs elevation (blue) and how that translates over the 12 miles.  I was trying a new on the run nutrition plan, Clif brand Shot Blocks, which seemed to work pretty well without any GI issues.  I have 8 mile long run next Wednesday so I will give them another try just to be sure.  I took one after miles 3,6 & 10 and you can see from my splits that I slowed down during the miles that I was consuming them.

      Anyway off to my running club meeting then spend the evening with my wife!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on settling back into your routine! That's a major accomplishment! I like your perspective about not wanting to "waste" your time running for nothing. I think I'll borrow that idea the next time my motivation flags and I get the bingeys. That happened to me last winter, and it was tough. I've only now finished climbing out of that hole.

    1. I have fallen into that hole many of times Jen. I think because running is a tough workout that I was subconsciously telling myself that I would be throwing away all that hard work if I eat this or that. Keep up the good work!

  2. I always love reading your posts Dean! As a writer you make us feel like we were there spending the day with you. Great job on the weight loss too!

    1. Thanks Paige! Sometimes I feel like I get a little to detailed and don't know when to shut up! LOL

  3. Way to hit that twelve mile run hard! You are going to crush your half marathon. Congrats on the continued weight loss and getting right back in your routine too, awesome. I love Shot Bloks, they are my go-to during races as well. If I eat more than one of the normal Gu packets I tend to have stomach issues but that hasn't happened with the blocks. Only thing is you do have to slow down to eat them... during a race and I can't chew and maintain race speed without running way too low on oxygen so I typically just take a couple big chomps to break them up a little and then just swallow the pieces, lol.

    1. Yep I reinstated my sub 2 goal after how well my 5K went. Thanks for the tip on the blocks Thomas!