Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     Not only is Wednesday my weigh in day it is also my day off from work, which is why I also did my long run today.  The reason I bring it up is because I have a lot going on over the next two weeks and today is my last day to just relax and not have to worry about anything but getting my run in.  At work, we have one of our biggest events of the year, a 3 day kick off spring event.  3 days of killer sales, food, vendors, music and more sales.  Monday and Tuesday I have to get my dept squared away for when I leave for California, which I too have to pack for in that time frame and be up and at the airport around 5am to catch my flight out.  I would suspect that Wednesday in California I will be able to relax a little bit, but come Thursday, we have to pick up the rest of the team that is flying in, go shopping for whatever we need, drive north to our hotel near the start, decorate the vans and be up and at the start line by 4am for our 5am start.  After Ragnar is over, we'll get to relax and do some sight seeing, but Tuesday, I fly home spend some time with Mandy and it's back to work Wednesday morning.  Man I can't wait, its gonna be a blast.
     Well lets get to the reason for today's posting.  I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed in at 196.8 lbs, which I round to the nearest half pound so my official weight for today is 197 lbs.  I am very happy with that, scratch that, I am ecstatic with that.  After a couple weeks of minimal losses, to have a 2 pound drop made me smile.
Official Results
Current: 197 lbs
Change: -2 lbs
Total lost from heaviest: 120 lbs
Current BMI: 30.8
Change: -.3
      I also have been tracking my BMI on an app on my phone so I figured I would show you a quick snapshot of my journey to get out of the obese category. I have .9 points to drop and I will finally be able to kick that label to the curb.  This does not show my entire weight loss journey, as I found this app well into my weight loss.
      I have a total of 13 miles on the schedule today, and seeing how it was still pretty cold out this morning I decided to do a split session.  I did 9 miles (81 laps) at the gym earlier today and after Mandy got home from work we headed back to the gym so she could walk the track while I could get the other 4 miles (36 laps) in.


  1. Awesome job getting your run in! And I'll be waiting to congratulate you when you reach that magical BMI number. That's a huge milestone!