Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     This week has been a little tough for me, I have been battling sore muscles and my diet.  I stayed on track when it came to the type of foods I wanted to eat, but I was having problems with the amount of those foods.  I try to keep my calorie intake to right around 2000 a day but this week I have felt a little snacky.  This led me to eat a little more of this and that, which let the calories crept up to 2200-2400.
     The other hurdle for me this week was my sore/overworked quads after last Wednesday's long run that I split into 8 miles and then ran another 4 miles 6 hours later, trying to simulate how running Ragnar would feel.  I went out a little to hard on both runs and just over did it.  I wound up taking ibuprofen, icing them several times, stretching and rest to remedy the the problem.  As they felt better I started running again but at a super slow pace.  Here's a pic from my nightly rehab. I got tired of holding them in place so plastic wrap to the rescue! LOL
     Well without further adieu, lets see what the scale had to say this morning.  With a few days of "overeating" and not getting in all my runs in I was super psyched after seeing what the scale had to say.  200.6 which I round to the closest half pound TWO HUNDRED FREAKIN' POINT FIVE!!!  I am a half a pound away from hitting my Ragnar goal and saying BYE to the 200s.  I feel like I am almost over that first huge hurdle in the battle of the bulge. This also means that I am only 27.5 pounds away from my goal weight!!!  Total weight loss from my heaviest of 317 is 116.5 pounds.
     Wednesday also means its LONG RUN DAY!  As much as I like running the track at the gym I just felt cooped up and wanted to run outside.  I decided to run in town to cut down on any wind but at 20 degrees is was still F%@king COLD!  I had 12 miles on the schedule today and I wanted to run all of them outside.  Well that didn't happen.  I drove into town and parked at the park on the edge of down to run the paved bike trail into town.  To find 12 miles in this town means running from one end to the other with a lot of detours to get the miles to add up.  I tried to stay on the roads because the sidewalks were not clear most of the time.  At mile 4 I went to grab my water bottle and found I couldn't remove it from the belt holster, it was frozen.  I tried the other but it was frozen as well, so with no water and having two now ice packs strapped to my waist I pressed on.  When I reached mile 8 I was only 1.5 miles from the car, freezing, thirsty and the thought popped in my head to continue my Ragnar training by finishing the run at the gym.  Yeah I know, you could say I gave up, but if this was a race I would have continued on and having the gym option it just made sense in my head. :)

Yeah I missed the part that said "Feels Like 10 degrees" and my post run pic doesn't really say it but I was really really really really really cold.
Now to the gym to put in my last 2.5 miles!


  1. Good work! No shame in breaking the run into pieces especially considering the circumstances!