Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shorts kind of weather!

     10 days from today I will be boarding a plane to sunny Southern California for my first Ragnar Relay!  I have started putting my list together of what I will need to pack.  Of course all my running gear was at the top of my list but when I got to my regular street clothes I realized I didn't have any shorts.  As I have been losing the weight I have replaced my jeans and my shirts 2 or 3 times now but I never considered my shorts.  I looked to see what I had and the smallest size I had was a 46" waist.  See as I am wearing a 36 now, what I had was not going to work.  Mandy and I headed out to the store to grab me a couple pairs because there is now way I am spending 7 days of California sun in jeans!

 I ended up going with these.  They weren't to long or short and seemed to fit the best.  I also picked them up in blue and white. 

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  1. Once it hits 50 here everyone breaks out the shorts and t-shirts... I think it's funny how some people will be bundled up for the 55 degree night leg. ;)