Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Weigh In

     Today I made a little more progress towards my goal of 173lbs.  I weighed in this morning at 203.6 which I round to the nearest half pound so my official weight for the log is 203.5lbs.  My short term goal is to get to 199 or under by April 4th for my Ragnar Relay Race in Southern California (more about that later).  I am in a weight loss challenge with some of my teammates and I don't like to loose money so I am really trying to get there!

wednesday weigh in
     I had a great week of running and stuck to my eating plan except for one meal.  Sunday, Mandy and I were out running errands and checking out the Winterfest ice sculptures, which took a little longer than expected and we were getting a little hungry so we decided to stop at chili's for lunch.  Eating out for me is really hard because of how picky I am when it comes to food, which is a story in itself, so I will leave that for another post.  I settled on trying the Parmesan Crusted Grilled Tilapia w/ tortilla strips and chipotle butter sauce, which I got on the side because it said it was spicy, me and spicy don't mix, plus I wanted to control how much of the sauce I ate.  For my sides I got the loaded mashed potatoes and rice, I know loaded potatoes wasn't the best choice but it sounded and tasted good.

chili's tilapia As I am writing this and being new to the blogging world, I realized I probably should have taken a picture of it but sadly I didn't so I grabbed pic off the internet, while it really doesn't look like what was on my plate, and they never do, I wanted to give you some sort of visual of it.  I will say the fish was great and of course the potatoes were awesome but I wasn't diggin' the rice.  It had a weird flavor and it had corn mixed in it, but all in all I would get it again if we were to go back there.  With my eating habits and tastes, for me to go out to eat and stay under a 1000 calories is a win and this one came in at 790 calories so a big old pat on the back for me.

     Do to my work schedule, Wednesdays are also my long run days, and thanks to the freakin' freezing cold temps I have done almost all my running indoors since December.  My local YMCA has a nice indoor track that I use, because I can't stand feeling like a hamster on a wheel when I run on a treadmill.  Today was no exception, at 12 degrees, my wussy ass was staying indoors.  I am training for the  half marathon at the Toledo Glass City Marathon and my SoCal Ragnar Relay.  I will be writing a special post to talk in more detail about Ragnar, but in short it's a 200 mile relay race that I am running with 11 other people.  My three legs of the relay add up to a little over 21 miles, so on my long run days I split up my mileage to try and simulate what Ragnar will feel like.  Today I had 12 miles on my training plan so I ran 8 miles this morning and I went back to the track to do another 4 miles.

At my track, you have to complete 9 laps to equal 1mile, so this morning I completed 8 miles at 72 laps and in the afternoon I completed 4 miles at 36 laps for a grand total of 12 miles at 108 laps.  I just keep telling myself it could be worse I could be on the treadmill!! I took a panoramic of the track to show off were my winter hibernation running takes place.

indoor track

     Coming up I will be getting into my diet and nutrition, so you can see just how hard this is for me and why I have such a hard time trying to eat healthy when we go out.  I will also be posting a Ragnar Relay preview, to share what Ragnar is and how I got involved with one.  Then in early April I will file a race report from warm sunny Southern California!!


  1. Nicely done! Love the look at your home track!

  2. Wow, 108 laps around ANYTHING is mind-blowing! Just curious--do you track the number of laps, or do you use a Garmin or something to tell you distance?

    FYI, Chili's has a REALLY good dish called Margarita Chicken, which is less than 500 calories. If you're picky, not sure how you'd like it, but even my kids love it. That's what I always order there.

    1. Hey Katie, I track my laps on my nike gps watch that I combine with the foot pod to track my distance indoors (which is pretty darn accurate most of the time). When you have the watch set to manual lap tracking I just smack the watch at each lap and it counts them up and tracks my pace per lap.
      I will have to check out the chicken next time I am there, thanks for the tip!