Monday, February 24, 2014

Motivational Monday / Winterfest

I'm always like looking for a little extra motivation each week and I came across this little gem

What gets you moving each week?


     Had a chance to sleep in yesterday, so I took full advantage of it.  My gym opens at noon on Sundays, and even though it was warm enough to run outside I decided to run the indoor track, I paid to use it so I might as well get my moneys worth, right?  I had 5 miles on the calendar, which means 45 laps on the track.  Run went great, I felt good the entire time and finished really strong with a avg pace of 9:09 per mile.
      My hometown of Perrysburg, Ohio had their three day Winterfest event this past weekend.  This year they hosted the National Ice Carving Championships. Unfortunately we couldn't make it out till Sunday afternoon, with most of the event over and some of the carvings not quite looking their best, there was still some cool stuff to look at.

 We had a little fun with a couple of the sculptures.  I was a nice snack for a crocodile and Mandy turned into a cute little Eskimo.

We walked down to the Maumee River to get a closer look at all the ice that has piled up.  It looks like you could walk right across no problem.  The pictures really doesn't give you the true feel for how cool it was.

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