Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Never Fear, RaceJoy Is Here!!

     With the race just days away I am sure everyone is excited to get to the starting line and get going. Before any of that can happen you'll need to stop by the Health and Wellness expo to pick up your race BIB and your packet of goodies. To pick up your packet you will need your ID and your race number.  How do you get that you ask, well the RaceJoy App is the answer. Download the app, type in the event and your name and poof, your BIB number will appear.  Below is a bunch of great info about all the awesome features this app has to offer you on race day!

Live Race Day Runner Tracking

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is a Featured Race in RaceJoy — Download the RaceJoy App to Receive Progress Alerts, Instant Results, Live Phone Tracking…

Racejoy AppWith the mobile Mercy Health Glass City Marathon app you can experience: you can fully experience the race. Share RaceJoy with your friends and family and ask them to sign in as a spectator. If you carry your phone, they can track you live and send you audio cheer clips. The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is once again offering participants and spectators an innovative race day experience with the RaceJoy mobile App. With the App, you can find key information about the race weekend, including bib numbers; schedules; FAQs; places of interest; course maps; race news; etc. We are also offering real-time information, like progress alerts as you cross timing points on the course; and scored results within moments of crossing the finish line. You can have your progress posted automatically to Facebook and Twitter while you are doing the race. Your supporters and spectators simply need to tap the “Timing” button in RaceJoy. There is no charge for them to track your official race progress.
If you carry your phone and want to increase your Glass City Marathon experience, you can do live phone tracking and cheer sending by tapping the “PhoneTrak” button and purchasing the 99cents App upgrade. Spectators can also purchase the upgrade and track you live on a course map, send you cheers and get “NearMe” alerts as you get closer to them. Note: These upgrade features require you to activate tracking in the App within 30 minutes of the race start time.
After the race, you can go to the “Buzz” area in RaceJoy to review your progress alerts and replay any cheers sent to you.

Download RaceJoy & Access Glass City Marathon Today

Note: Please see RaceJoy’s website for further information and important Apple phone settings.
Racejoy App

There is no need to carry your phone for these features since they are based on your bib tag. — See How it Works!

Download Racejoy App for Android Devices Download Racejoy App for Android Devices
  • Convenient Bib Look Up
  • Instant Results
  • Progress Alerts to friends and Family
  • Automatic Facebook Posts
  • Key Race Information
  • Live tracking, Send-a-Cheer in Phone Fun (upgrade features)

See how the Racejoy App works
See how the Racejoy App works

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Check Out The BLING!!!!
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     I am sooooo psyched about this year's finisher medals for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon.  While I was bummed I wasn't able to earn the marathon medal last year for the 40th anniversary I don't like it as much as I do compared to this year's medal.  If I have to crawl through the finish line to get one I will!!!!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

What To Do In Toledo

While Toledo may not be the biggest city in Ohio, it sure packs a lot of stuff to do in it.  Here are three examples of fun for the whole family.  CLICK HERE, for a full list of activities, parks, places to visit, restaurants and drinking establishments.

Imagination Station
      A wonderful facility in downtown Toledo that features a hands-on science museum with over 300 exhibits for children of all ages.
Toledo Zoo
      This year features newly renovated Aquarium houses 3000+ aquatic animals in 178,000 gallons of water – nearly four times the volume as the previous Aquarium.  As an institution with a more than 100-year history, The Toledo Zoo understands the need to preserve the past even as it reaches out toward the future.  The Toledo Zoo is one of the world’s most complete zoos—it’s also the region’s top family destination! Let The Toledo Zoo take you from the Arctic tundra to the wilds of Africa, from the tropical rainforest to the Sonoran Desert and all points between—all in one great day.

Toledo Museum of Art
     The Toledo Museum of Art is an internationally known art museum located in the Old West End neighborhood of Toledo.  It houses a collection of more than 30,000 objects and special one of a kind traveling exhibits throughout the year.  The museum was founded by Toledo glassmaker Edward Drummond Libby in 1901, and moved to its current location in 1912.
   Whether you want updates of how you are doing while you run or your friends and family want to follow along as you traverse the 26.2, 13.1 or 3.2 miles, you can do so with the official race tracker.  With the mobile Glass City Marathon app you can fully experience the race. Share RaceJoy with your friends and family and ask them to sign in as a spectator. If you carry your phone, they can track you live and send you audio cheer clips.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Where To Stay For The GCM

     With the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon rapidly approaching, I thought I would share a little info for those of you coming in from out of town.  Toledo may not be the biggest city in Ohio, but with its rich history and wonderful attractions, it sure does offer some great things for tourists to do.  for driving directions to get to the starting line on race day: CLICK HERE


     Probably the most important thing is where you are going to stay while you are in town.  Well the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon team are pleased to welcome
Radisson Hotel at The University of Toledo as this year's host hotel. The Radisson Hotel is located on Glendale Ave. and is minutes from the University of Toledo Campus.  Below is a list of the top hotels that are relatively close to the starting and finish lines.  If you would like more info about these hotels CLICK HERE.

Radisson Hotel at The University of Toledo
3100 Glendale Avenue Toledo, OH, 43614

101 N Summit St Toledo, OH, 43604
101 N Summit St Toledo, OH, 43604

521 West Dussel Drive Maumee, OH, 43537
Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Toledo South, OH
9790 Clark Drive Rossford, OH, 43460
1401 E Mall Dr Holland, OH, 43528
Courtyard by Marriott Toledo Airport Holland
1435 E Mall Dr Holland, OH, 43528
Quality Inn Toledo
3560 Secor Rd Toledo, OH, 43606

Sunday, January 8, 2017

It's Time To Train

     Today marks 16 weeks till the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon.  If you haven't started your marathon training yet, you probably should look to start NOW.  Looking for that right plan to follow, well I can say with 100 percent certainty that there is no one plan that works for everyone.  Whether you are a first time marathoner or this is your 100th time toeing the line, everyone requires a different way of doing it.  Having said that, at the end of the day it is all about getting enough miles in that your body will be prepared for the stress a marathon can put on you.  Assuming everything goes well, I will finally be running the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon this year.  For my training plan, I am literally starting today, which is a couple weeks behind where I wanted to be.  It was my fault as this year I am using a modified Hal Higdon intermediate #2 plan for the mileage, but I am using a customized heart rate training program from Alisha at Elite Physical Therapy to handle my pace zones.   

     First, as I said before, if you are taking on the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon you should be starting now.  This year the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon staff are offering perks for those that choose this race for their first marathon experience.  So if you are thinking of going after 26.2 then this is the place and the year to do it. If you don't have a plan to follow, here is a few of the more popular ones out there.
Hal Higdon - arguably the most popular plan out there.  He offers plans for the complete novice to the most advanced runners out there.  I used a slightly modified version of his intermediate plan when I trained for my first marathon and I am using a modified version of his intermediate #2 plan for this year.
Jeff Galloway Training - To be honest I am not familiar with his plan and never used it myself, but I have heard his name mentioned quite a lot when it came to training plans for beginners so I thought I would list it. - Just another free online program to look at.
Hansons Marathon Method - This is a strategy that I would only recommend to someone who has at least one if not two marathons under their belt and has been running for some time.  I purchased their book and read it cover to cover and was fascinated by their approach.  They buck the trend of conventional wisdom when it comes to the long run we have heard so much about.  To be honest, I have yet to try this method, but I want to attempt it at some point.  The link is to their free basic plan, but I want to caution you, if you want to do their plan, read the book!
For those of you taking on the Owens Corning GCM Half Marathon or the Medical Mutual 5K, your training will start soon, so get out there now and get a few miles under your belt in preparation for your training.  Most of the training programs I have listed have half marathon plans and a couple have 5k plans, but any of these plans can be modified for your specific situation.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Wagon Ran Me Over

     The holidays are over and all my excuses are used up so it's time to get off my ass and reverse the trend.  I had fallen off the maintain wagon a few months back, but surprising I have been maintaining my weight almost the entire time.  It started with forgetting to track every thing I ate, followed by larger portions at meals, followed by more and more "cheat days" and then the holidays.  It started with one cookie here and a chocolate treat there, till I was in all out binge at every chance I got using the excuse "its the holidays"over and over.

     To be honest I was really afraid of stepping on the scale for fear of what I would see.  When I finally got the guts to do it, I was shocked it wasn't worse than it turned out to be.  I was only three pounds away from getting back into my acceptable 10 pound range.  Now, the goal isn't to just lose those 3 pounds, its to get back to my goal weight and then some.  My goal is 170 pounds which means I am working towards a 13 pound loss.  My plan moving forwards is to decide on what my caloric intake should be, track everything I stuff my face with and stick to my workout routine.   So look for the return of Wednesday Weigh In as soon as next week!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Running In Place

     Running in place is exactly how I feel right now in life and literally with the new addition to my training arsenal.  First just to get it out of the way, I feel this way because I have some big changes that are on the horizon for Mandy and myself, but I cannot say anything or move forward till a few things happen that are out of my control.  I am not a fan of feeling like I don't have control of my situation, but I'll just sit on top of this rocket and wait for the launch button to be pressed.

     Now to the real reason for this post.  I have been stressing about my training for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and how I am gonna get it done.  I'll admit it, I don't like running when its cold, but I am more than willing to do it if I have to.  Due to my life and work schedule the best time for me to run is very early in the morning, and running in the dark when its cold with ice and snow worries me.  Sense I don't want to risk a slip and fall injury and the last time I ran on the banked corner track at the gym I had major IT Band issues, so I was left with one option, a treadmill.  

     In my search for the perfect treadmill I asked for suggestion on Facebook and Instagram, while I got a couple credible suggestions I still had to do a bunch of my own research.  I really didn't want to spend more than $700 on one, however during my research I found that that price only works if you want to walk or lightly jog.  The more I read it looked like $1200 would be the low end to get what I was looking for.  I wanted a mill that had a wide and long running surface, quick access to incline and speed controls and a super quiet motor.  While there were three that fit the bill with really high customer and critic ratings, I eventually decided to go with the Sole F80 for all the reasons I listed, the availability and sale price.

     So far I have had three runs and I performed a heart rate test for my running coach so she can set up my heart rate zones for my marathon training plan.  I have been very impressed with it to this point.  It is whisper quiet and the built in speakers work nicely while watching Netflix on my iPad.  The incline is very smooth when in motion andthe quick access buttons on the hand rails makes changing speed and/or incline so easy.